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Dwarka Chartered Accountants

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  • Get the best core services namely GST registration, Accounting, Consulting, Tax.
  • Get expert help with Dwarka Chartered Accountant that follows the multidisciplinary practice.
  • The Dwarka CA are professionally qualified and experienced persons who add value by optimizing the benefits for the clients.
  • Provides customized service with a fresh and proactive approach.

RBG private consultants offer sound financial solutions and advice to their clients. Get assured of quality financial services with our innovative solutions.

Income Tax Return

RBG Private consultants provide the easiest, quickest, and cost-effective way to file your Income Tax Return in Dwarka. Avoid penalties, improve credit new worth, get an income tax refund, and other benefits with timely ITR filing. Here’s how we help our clients:

  • Rely on us to file your income tax returns
  • Minimize your tax liabilities in legal ways Compute correct tax liability and get the right refund
  • Our professional team files ITRs of individuals, Companies, Partnership firms, trusts, and other parties.

Common mistakes people create while filing ITR:

Most people make these mistakes during the process of income tax e-filing:

Selecting an incorrect ITR form

No reporting of the source of Income

Filling in incorrect personal information

Possible deductions that could be claimed

Failure in the reconciliation of Form 26AS and TDS information

Save yourself from these mistakes by ITR filing in Dwarka with our services.

Company Registration

RBG private consultants provide a one-stop solution for company registration in Dwarka with all pre, post-incorporation compliances, and licensing requirements. The company registration process involves legal obligations that need to be compiled properly with the help of experienced professionals.

We conduct the following process for company or proprietor firm registration in Dwarka:

Name approval: The first step is about deciding about the name of the company and then sending it to MCA for approval.

Application of DSC and DPIN: The next step is to apply for a digital signature and DPIN that refers to the Director's identification number issued by the Registrar.

MOA and AOA submission: Once the name is approved, a Memorandum of association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) are prepared that are sent to MCA for authentication and approval. It includes the rules and by-laws of the company that defines the operation of the business.

Prepare form and documents: The application forms are filled duly, verified by a professional, filed to ROC, and then make the payment.

Get incorporation certificate: Once all the formalities are done, the registrar issues the incorporation certificate that mentions significant information about the company such as CIN number, the name of the company, date of incorporation, etc.

Apply for a Bank account: After the receipt of the incorporation certificate, a copy of the Incorporation certificate, MOA, AOA, and PAN is submitted along with the account opening form.

Register your company with the assistance of our qualified professionals.

Tax and Statutory Audits

RBG private consultants conduct tax and statutory audits in Dwarka. Our network of professionals provides audit services for various sectors.

Benefits of Tax Audits:

  • It gives time to raise cash to pay for tax obligations.
  • Leads to tax savings.

Benefits of Statutory Audits:

  • Assures the management that duties are statutorily performed.
  • Increases the reliability of the published financial statement
  • Leads to internal control’s efficiency.
  • Ensures the management that they are abiding by non-statutory requirements
  • Gives suggestions for the company’s improvement when internal controls are not in a good state.

Get the best services with our team of professionals!

Best Accounting services and bookkeeping services in Dwarka

RBG private consultants aim to keep our bookkeeping accounting services at minimum cost and management which is beneficial for startups and small businesses. Some of our critical accounting and bookkeeping services perform non-core Financial and Audit activities systematically and efficiently.

What’s included in our Accounting services?

  • Preparing tax returns
  • Payroll services
  • Cash handling services
  • E-Accounting services
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Trial balance reconciliation
  • Preparing balance sheet

What’s included in our Bookkeeping services?

  • Recording information
  • Debt planning and reduction
  • Labor cost management
  • Invoice processing services

Manage your day-to-day records, transactions, the recommendation to manage the profitability, balance sheet, and tax filing with our highly professional and qualified team of professionals.


Chartered Accountant offers tax services, financial auditing, advisory, accounting, corporate compliance, and management consulting.

You can find a reliable Chartered Accountant in Dwarka by asking for referrals from friends or colleagues, searching online, reviewing client testimonials or reviews. RBG Consultants is one such name in Dwarka.

When choosing a Chartered Accountant in Dwarka who has experience, qualifications, reputation, and services that will meet your needs.

Hiring a Chartered Accountant for your business ensures expert guidance in financial management.