Integrated Goods and Services Tax" (IGST) means tax levied under the IGST Act on the supply of any products and additionally services in the course of inter-State trade or commerce.

IGST might be levied and collected by Center on inter-state supplies. IGST would be extensively CGST in addition to SGST and should be levied on all inter-State taxable supplies of merchandise and ventures. The inter-State seller will pay IGST on value expansion after changing available credit of IGST, CGST, and SGST on his purchases.

The Exporting State will transfer to the Center the credit of SGST used in payment of IGST. The Importing dealer will assert credit of IGST while releasing his yield tax obligation in his own State. The Center will transfer to the bringing in State the credit of IGST used in payment of SGST.

The relevant information is additionally submitted to the Central Agency which will go about as a clearing house mechanism, verify the cases and inform the respective governments to transfer the assets.


Maintenance of uninterrupted ITC chain on inter-State exchanges

No forthright payment of tax or considerable blockage of assets for the inter-State seller or buyer

No refund guarantee in exporting State, as ITC is used up while paying the tax

Self-checking model

Ensures tax neutrality while keeping the tax regime simple.

Simple bookkeeping with no extra compliance burden on the taxpayer.

Would facilitate in ensuring abnormal state of compliance and consequently higher collection efficiency. Model can handle business to business and in addition 'Business to Consumer' exchanges.


The IGST payment should be possible using ITC or with money. However, the use of ITC for payment of GST will be done utilizing the accompanying hierarchy;-

Most readily accessible ITC of IGST might be used for payment of IGST

On the off chance that both ITC of IGST and ITC of CGST are exhausted, then just the dealer would be permitted to use ITC of SGST for payment of IGST.

Once ITC of IGST is exhausted, the ITC of CGST might be used for payment of IGST

Remaining IGST obligation, assuming any, might be discharged utilizing payment in real money. GST System will ensure maintenance of this hierarchy for payment of IGST utilizing the credit.

There would be settlement of record between the center and the states on two numbers, which are as per the following-

Center and the exporting state: The exporting state should pay the sum equal to the ITC of SGST used by the supplier in the exporting state to the Center.

Center and the bringing in state: The center should pay the sum equal to the ITC of IGST used by a dealer for payment of SGST on intra-state supplies.

The settlement would be on cumulative reason for a state considering the details furnished by all the dealer in the settlement period. Comparable settlement of sum would likewise be undertaken between CGST and IGST account.