Keeping in mind the end goal to collect tax, taxable esteem must be known, so we thusly clarify the idea that how esteem should be found out. Esteem taken for require of tax rate might be value-based esteem i.e cost really paid or payable, when parties are not related, cost is sole thought and incorporates any sum which the provider is at risk to pay yet has been paid by the beneficiary of supply. Valuation arrangements of CGST SGST and IGST of merchandise and enterprises are same.


Taking after methods must be followed in grouping:

Similar strategy

Calculation strategy

Leftover strategy

Valuation by Comparison

Where the estimation of a supply can't be resolved under the above arrangements, the esteem should be resolved on the premise of the exchange estimation of merchandise as well as administrations of like kind and quality provided at or about a similar time to different clients. In deciding the estimation of merchandise as well as administrations the best possible officer should think about the accompanying elements :–

Distinction in the dates of supply,

Distinction in piece, quality and plan between the products as well as administrations being esteemed and the merchandise and additionally benefits with which they are looked at,

Contrast in business levels and amount levels,

Contrast in cargo and protection charges relying upon the place of supply.


In the event that the esteem can't be resolved according to above arrangements, it should be founded on a figured esteem which might incorporate the accompanying:-

The cost of creation, fabricate or handling of the products or, the cost of arrangement of the administrations;

Charges, assuming any, for the outline or brand;

A sum towards benefit and general costs equivalent to that typically reflected in supply of products or potentially administrations of an indistinguishable class or kind from the merchandise or potentially benefits being esteemed which are made by different providers.


Where the estimation of the merchandise and additionally benefits can't be resolved under any of the arrangements, the esteem might be resolved utilizing sensible means reliable with the standards and general arrangements of these tenets.

What ought to be incorporated into value-based esteem?

Taking after are the incorporation in exchange an incentive according to valuation rules :

Any sums paid by beneficiary that are commitment of provider to pay;

Cash estimation of products or administrations gave free or at concession by beneficiary;

Sovereignties and permit charges payable by beneficiary as a state of supply;


  • Costs brought about by provider before supply and charged independently;
  • Endowment acknowledged by provider on the supply;
  • Repayments guaranteed independently by provider;
  • Rebates permitted "after" supply aside from when known before supply; (Discounts permitted as a typical exchange hone and thought about the substance of the receipt might not be incorporated).


  • Particular valuation methods must be followed if there should arise an occurrence of unadulterated operator, cash changer, back up plan, air travel specialist and wholesaler or offering operator of lottery.